Commercial Audio

MOOSE sound is a registered European brand, 100% developed and manufactured in Europe (Portugal). Being on the market for 25 years manufacturing Audio & Lighting professional equipment and taking advantage of all the experience and know how acquired over the years, we decided to push things further and develop a professional audio products range – Moose Sound. All Moose Sound products are developed and manufactured “in site”, built and assembled with European components and parts exclusively offering its customers reliable, cost-effective systems featuring elegant design and rugged construction, truly providing “turnkey” solutions. A thirst for innovation and changing the game has been our “raison d’être” from the word go four years ago, created on the principle of fearlessness, willing to “go the extra mile” to offer cost- effective European products, developed and assembled in Europe, helping our customers achieve their objectives.

The NEXO EPS Range is built on the legendary NEXO PS Platform and is design for installations that require more high-end audio requirements. Three modules is available in this range being the NEXO Eps 6, NEXO Eps 8 and NEXO Eps 10.  These units can be complimented with the dedicated NEXO ELS400 and the NEXO ELS600 Sub bass units that extend the LF response down to 45 and 40 Hz respectively. 

NEXO Eps range variable HF directivity allows for perfect venue coverage. The asymmetrical horns in ePS speakers are engineered such that vertical coverage is narrower above horn axis than below. Easy for the user to rotate, it ensures optimum directivity for any fixed installation. 

NEXO’s ID Range is designed to create a thrilling and immersive audio experience in even the most complex environments.

NEXO’s ID Range ensure a low visual impact in design and can be specified in black, white or custom RAL Colours. The ID24 and ID84 are IP54 rated for outdoor use and can be complemented with the four compact powerful sub-woofers.

The low profile, sleek design of the NEXO ID Range allows discreet installation in a wide range of locations – with in walls, balcony’s, side walls, roof sections, staircases or under furniture.

 Applications where NEXO’s ID Range is suitable for include Theatres, Bars, Restaurants, Immersive Audio, House of Worship, Museums, Airports.

Our Solutions

Our wide range of product offerings allows us to supply solutions for many applications like houses of worship, theatres and halls, schools, clubs, hospitality, theme parks, sports stadia, high-end touring, midsize and small touring, restaurants, and mobile systems.