AVA LED is a world leading provider of LED display solutions covering indoor, outdoor and rental applications. AVA LED Screens are engineered in Germany and display systems are seamless, providing clear and detail imagining. AVA LED Screen are controllable by Novastar products.
Roland is a world leader in supplying hardware solution for switching and streaming requirements. The design and lay-out of the units are extremely user friendly and very robust for hard environments. The wide range of units available offer solutions from entry level to high-end video requirements where mutable video switching is required.
EPSON offers a wide range of projector solutions for any application or environment.

Magewell designs and develops hardware and software for media capture, conversion, and streaming. The simplicity, cost-effectiveness and reliability of the products have made them the preferred choice for bringing video and audio signals into and out of IP workflows and popular software for live streaming, production, web conferencing and more.

Screenbeam offers flexible, high-performing wireless presentation hardware. Users have the ability to connect presentations wireless and have the ability to incorporate this with many popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoTo Meeting and Google Meet through the Screenbean conference software. No more HDMI cable connecting problems and lost cables.

Our Solutions

Our wide range of product offerings allows us to supply solutions for many applications like houses of worship, theatres and halls, schools, clubs, hospitality, theme parks, sports stadia, high-end touring, midsize and small touring, restaurants, and mobile systems.